Short Stories

Edited by Jill Carpenter; ISBN: 9780966667400 

Bellowing basso profundo, pleased
to be bombastic best,

“Choose me,” he teased,
“above the rest.”

The wink of knowing promise,
the sly come-hither grin,

the King is in his palace--
let every maiden in!

Green girls wide-eyed with wonder
emerge from khaki goo
to marvel at the thunder
and rock the pond anew.

Stadium skies and fireflies,
a spotlight moon.  He's set to croon.
Wet algae tresses
quake with stresses.
A fling of flirty burps
is answered charmingly with chirps,
until, for Elvis Minisaurus,
the ladies swell a fervid chorus
that sets the slimy waters steaming
beneath their hot and fevered dreaming.

No wonder that such skilled gyrations
beget, and soon, fresh froggy nations!