Short Stories

Nominated for the prestigious Edgar Award and published in both the following story collections:

THE NIGHT AWAKENS, edited by Mary Higgins Clark; ISBN 0-671-51918-2, and

THE WORLDS FINEST MYSTERY & CRIME STORIES VOL 2, edited by Ed Gorman; ISBN 9780765300294.

= = = = Plot Line = = = =

A lady suited to her comely name, Minnie Chaundelle Bazile, asks Cisroe to find her brother Verlyn, missing for a few days.  When Cisroe does, he learns Verlyn is lying low.  He used to work for an oil company, until he became a whistle-blower about its shoddy operations.  Shortly after, young Verlyn is killed in an auto accident … except Cisroe does not believe the “accident” part.  He enlists a friend to help him, Stinger Gazway, and Gazway has no compunctions about dealing death to evildoers.  

= = = = Excerpt = = = =

The name Cisroe Perkins carry some weight, they say. But sometimes you wonder if you got to earn a name for good or bad each day the sun comes up between the rows. It was like that by way of a case for a lady named Minnie Chaundelle.

Minnie Chaundelle was a beautiful big woman with waved hair swept close to her head like raked copper. The color was by way of her stylist boyfriend, and a front tooth rimmed with gold came courtesy the neighborhood dentist. The dentist never charged Minnie, and Minnie never charged him, so it was a nice arrangement that kept Minnie in a wholesome smile.

How I met Minnie Chaundelle was a phone call. She wanted her brother found. I always ask to see my clients first time face-to-face. She said she wasn’t about to truck all over town no matter how nice a man I was. What make you think I’m a nice man?, I says. The word get around, she says.